Friday, July 13, 2012

Vick's New Clothing Line...V7

Nothing brings me more joy than the merging of sports and fashion. Eagles star OB Michael Vick is the latest to introduce a new venture off the field. Vick is launching a new clothing line, V7 that is set to be sold at Modell's (click for store locations).

Vick sporting one of this V7 t-shirts.."It's Not How You Start It's How You Finish"
V7 will include technical athletic apparel such as T-shirts, shorts, and tank tops. Prices are $12.99 for children's clothes and $19.99 for adult clothes.

Modell's confirmed that the line was developed in a licensing partnership with celebrity clothing line mogul, Ruby Azrak, and former talent agent Brian Sher.Vick will donate a portion of the line's proceeds to the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia.

Vick may want to get the "Comeback Kid" on the t-shirt printing press asap because he is on a roll. His story of redemption is so inspiring and you'll be able to check it out soon, his autobiography "Finally Free" will be released later this year.

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