Monday, July 16, 2012

Tender Mercies...

Raven's Ray Rice
The deadline for NFL players to sign their franchise tenders is slowly looming. Franchises have until today at 4pm ET to sign players to extensions.

Franchise tags are placed on players who are going to become unrestricted free agents. By placing the tag on players, the team reserves their roster spot while signing them to a one-year deal (which is based on the average salary of the top-five players at their position). A franchise tag can only be granted to one player per team each year.

The franchise tags were created for teams to get a chance to keep their most important players. Most players are looking for that long term deal (security!) therefore they refuse to sign them, which is where we are with some of the players below.

No John Hancock...Waiting for long term deals...possible hold outs: 
Ray Rice- Baltimore Ravens RB
Cliff Avril- Detroit Lions DE
Matt Forte- Chicago Bears RB
Dwayne Bowe- Kansas City Chiefs WR
Josh Scobee- Jacksonville Jaguars K
Dashon Goldson- San Francisco 49ers S

Signed tenders, awaiting long term deals: 
Wes Welker- New England Patriots WR
Fred Davis- Washington Redskins TE
Phil Dawson- Cleveland Browns K
Brent Grimes- Atlanta Falcons CB
Mike Nugent- Cincinnati Bengals K
Anthony Spencer- Dallas Cowboys OLB

Recently signed to long term deals: 
Drew Brees- New Orleans Saints QB (five year/$100 million)
Tyvon Branch- Oakland Raiders S (four year/$26.6 million)
Connor Barth- Tampa Bay K (four year/$13.2 million)
Calais Campbell- Arizona Cardinals DE (five year/$55 million)
Michael Griffin-Tennessee Titans S (five year/$35 million)
DeSean Jackson- Philadelphia Eagles WR (five year/$47 million)
Robert Mathis- Indianapolis Colts DE (four year/$36 million)
Matt Prater-Denver Broncos K (four year/$13 million)
Steve Weatherford- New York Giants P (five year/$12.75 million)

Many fans do not understand that this is a business before anything. Just like you want job security, so do your favorite players. If they hold out, more power to them I would too. These guys have worked hard for these teams and they deserve some financial security. Pay them their money! 

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