Saturday, July 14, 2012

UPDATED: Stay or Go...

There is a heated debate brewing on the campus of Penn State, should the statue of former head coach Joe Paterno that stands outside of Beaver Stadium in State College, Pa. be removed?

After the release of the Freeh report findings that revealed that both Paterno and Penn State trustees were aware of Jerry Sandusky's horrible acts to those young boys, and helped to cover them up.... People are calling for the statue to be removed.

Sexual abuse is not okay, and you are just as guilty if you know, and conceal the information. This is terrible for Penn State University, the young boys affected and their families.

Nike has already made a bold statement, they removed Paterno's name from their child development center on the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Ore.

I've always admired Paterno as a coach, I put him up there with Coach K and Pat Summit, but this has tarnished, both his legacy and the university's name. As far as the statue, I think it should be removed.

The statue was placed to honor Paterno for his 60 years of service, but now its just a constant reminder of a man that let the university down, by covering for his sick defensive coodinator. Paterno will always be remembered as a great coach, who cared for his players, I wish he would have cared just as much for Sandusky's victims.

UPDATE (10:21 ET): The Penn State trustees have decided to let the Joe Paterno statue stay...SMH!


Anonymous said...

I think it should be removed also. If not, here is yet another example of how celebrity status motivates society to turn the other cheek regardless of how wrong or immoral their actions. Removing his statue will send the message that "Wrong is wrong no matter who you are!"

"The Sports Fashionista" said...

SO TRUE! It's only a matter of time, it will be removed very soon

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