Monday, July 16, 2012

Pay Day for Ray...

Ray Rice
Just in the nick of time (like 5 minutes) before the 4pm deadline the Ravens agreed on a multiyear deal with star running back Ray Rice. Yayyyyy!!!!!

The five year deal is worth $40 million. The best part of the deal is that Rice will receive $17 million in the first year of the contract...Wowsers! Congratulations to the Rice family, Ozzie Newsome (GM), Ravens' players and the coaching staff. No holdouts here!

Shout out to my boy Terrance for calling me out! I saw the news but I'm in the process of switching the blog from Blogger to my own hosting! Yayyy me! Ok, back to work!

FYI: The site will go down for a couple of hours tonight for the conversion, please bear with me. Thanks!

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