Saturday, July 14, 2012

Olympic Outlook...

2012 Team USA: 

Kobe and the boys are gearing up for the London Olympics but they had to handle a few things before heading out. First they had a match up against the Dominican Republic on Thursday night in Vegas. It was more like a spanking than an exhibition game, as Team USA toppled the John Calipari coached Dominican squad, 113-59. Since this game lacked pizzazz I wasn't able to tell how good the US squad was, or better yet, how good they can actually play together. I will get another chance to assess their talents, they will be in action again Monday, July 16th in the Nation's Capital to take on Brazil. Check it out on ESPN2, at 6pm ET.

2012 Team USA Basketball

The star of the game was Thunder forward Kevin Durant, who lead the team with 24 pts and 10 rebs. The play of the game had to be 2012 #1 draft pick (Hornets) Anthony Davis' foul on a made three in the 4th quarter. After making the shot, Davis looked over at the Dominican bench towards his college coach Calipari, as to say, "you should have let me shoot more of these at Kentucky".

Davis was called up to replace Clipper's forward Blake Griffin who suffered a torn meniscus in his left knee during the team's Wednesday scrimmage. Griffin, will have surgery and is set to be out for eight weeks, so no Olympics for him (tear). He should be ready for the NBA season.

There has also been a little speculation during the team's preparation for the Olympic games. Kobe believes the 2012 team would beat the Dream Team...uhhh, that is very debatable, but why are we talking about something that is NOT, and CAN NOT happen. But, since we want to think hypothetically, I'm going to ride with the Dream Team.

Youth vs experience is very touch and go, and both teams are full of star power but I just feel like there is a sense of excitement and gleam in the eyes of the young boys and that would be their downfall. The oldheads, yeah, I called them that, would overwhelm them. C'mon, we're talking Jordan, Magic, Bird, and Barkley...and let's not forget Stockton and Malone. Like I said, its very debatable, but the 2012 team is missing some very key players that would change the face of this argument, Wade, Howard, Bosh, and Bynum....oh, and let's add Griffin to that list as well (although he's only good for a Top 10 play or two). Just my opinion

And last but not least, the youngin and 2012 Rookie of the Year, Kyrie Irving (Cavs) decided to challenge Kobe to a game of 1-on-1 for $50K. Uncle Drew better settle down with the Bill Cosby "challenge" towards the Black Mamba. It's kind of cute though, the little kid trying to play against his doubt Irving has game, but we're talking about Kobe here. I'm with Kobe on this one..."EASY MONEY"

Check out the video below.

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