Sunday, July 15, 2012

Free Agent Frenzy...

Things are getting really interesting in NBA Free agency, from the Dwight Howard limbo to the missing Jeremy Lin offer sheet.

From Top to Bottom: Gordon, Batum, Felton, Lin, Bynum
-The Dwight Howard relocation plans are still bombarding my life!!!! UGH! I am so over him. There are now talks between the Lakers, Magic and Cavaliers, that will send Bynum to Cleveland, Howard to LA with a package of prospects and picks to Orlando. This sounds like a good situation for both of the big men to me, but like all the Howard hoopla this one is slowly dying down. Is there any way to do a trade between the LA Sparks and the Orlando Magic, I'm sure the Magic would be happier with Candace Parker...I can already see Shelden Williams cheering on the sidelines, lol!

-The Knicks threw a wrench in the Jeremy Lin deal, they agreed to a sign and trade with the Blazers for their former guard, Raymond Felton (three year/$10 million). So if you're keeping up, that's Kidd, Felton, and a possible Lin as the teams PG core. Honestly, based on what happened last year with the injuries to both Lin and Davis, they need to keep all of them. The Rockets offer sheet for Lin is still on the table, and Knicks have until Tuesday at 11:59 ET to match. The offer sheet has finally made it to the Knicks after a few failed attempts to deliver it to GM Glen Grunwald. Was Grunwald ducking and dodging the papers? The Felton signing caught everyone off guard, including Lin and there are rumors that the Knicks will let him go. The Rockets' offer sheet for Lin is worth a little over $25 million.

-The talks between the Timberwolves and Trailblazers for 23 year old swingman Nicolas Batum continue. Batum has made it pretty clear that he wants to head to Minnesota, who in their right mind would want to go to Minnesota...Prince? But hey, you can't win when your choices are Minnesota or Oregon (shrug).  Basketball wise Minnesota is a better choice, in terms of future success. The Timberwolves are expected to make an offer today.

-The New Orleans Hornets have matched the offer sheet from the Phoenix Suns to keep guard Eric Gordon (four years/$58 million). This one was expected.

Just a quick update to make sure you're keeping up with some of the recent landings, check them out under the jump:

Steve Nash- Lakers
Jason Kidd- Knicks
Marcus Camby-Knicks
James White- Knicks
JR Smith-Knicks *resigned
Steve Novak- Knicks *resigned
Dahntay Jones-Mavericks
Elton Brand- Mavericks
Ray Allen- Heat
Rashard Lewis-Heat
Goran Dragic-Suns
Michael Beasley- Suns
Hasheem Thabeet- Thunder
Joe Johnson- Nets
Gerald Wallace- Nets
CJ Watson- Nets
Brook Lopez- Nets *resigned
Deron Williams- Nets *resigned
Brandon Roy- Timberwolves
Lou Williams- Hawks
Kirk Hinrich- Bulls
Jason Terry-Celtics
Chris Wilcox- Celtics *resigned
Brandon Bass- Celtics *resigned
Jeff Green- Celtics *resigned
Gerald Green- Pacers
DJ Augustin- Pacers
Brenden Haywood- Bobcats
Ramon Sessions-Bobcats
Ryan Anderson-Hornets
Nick Young- Sixers
Mo Williams- Jazz

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