Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Shoes of the Day....

Every woman needs that one pump that makes are feel extra spicy...that headturner pair that you only bring out for special occasions. This Persian Red snakeskin pump by Vince Camuto is HOT and it's available at a very low price on Shop Kitson....oh and might I add the heel is 5.1 inches : )
(Retail Value: $125)

We all know about my little obsession with Supra, I just love these sand colored Skytops...and guys you can never go wrong with neutrals.
(Retail Value: $124)

Morning Coffee...

Seriously who scheduled this Monday Night Football game, I was beyond bored (I wish ESPN could take up flex scheduling like NBC but I know it’s not possible)...Gee whiz!!!! I was more interested in the Play 60 logo stamped on the field than the game itself. 
The Niners are still in the playoff hunt after this win (we all know that they are in the sorry NFC West so there’s always a chance even if you’re 4-7) but they're going to have to finish the season without running back Frank Gore, who injured his right hip in the team’s first series. It has been reported that Gore broke his hip and he will miss the remainder of the season. 

But when opportunity knocked backup RB Brian Westbrook shined as he rushed for 136 yards and a TD in the win. The Niners have been headed in the right direction since they replaced Alex Smith with Troy Smith as quarterback with a 3-1 record.
Anderson posted 196 yards and one interception in the 27-6 loss against the Niners.The sixth straight lost must have been funny to Cardinal’s QB Derek Anderson who was seen laughing with offensive guard Deuce Lutui on the bench, while his team was down by 18. After seeing the image of him laughing no one could have predicted the rant that followed when Anderson hit the podium. Check it out in the Tell Us How You Really Feel... below, pure comedy. 
Moving On Up to the Eastside: 
The Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University are leaving the Mountain West Conference and heading to the Big East in 2012. TCU will become the 17th member in the Big East Conference on July 1, 2012. 

With the risk of always being a BCS buster, this option throws all of that out the window as the Big East is an automatic BCS-qualifying league beginning 2012-2013. All TCU sports will head to the Big East but the football program will benefit the most.

 The Horned Frogs ate currently 12-0 this season and are #3 in the BCS standings (the highest ranked non-automatic qualifying team) behind Oregon and Auburn. They will most likely get a bid into the Rose Bowl, but if the Ducks or Tigers fall this week, the Frogs may be headed for the title game (I doubt it). 

The other big time BCS buster who’s BCS dreams were crushed this pass weekend in their 34-31 loss to Nevada in OT, Boise State, are moving from the WAC to the MWC in 2011, but will it be worth it since TCU is leaving in 2012... ***kanye shrug*** 

Stop the Drama and Start Winning:
The Miami Heat stay in the news and it’s certainly not for wins...SMH. First it was the fact that they were letting subpar teams beat them, then it was the bump that shook the world,  (when Lebron was headed to the bench he bumped into head coach Eric Spoelstra...Check out the video below)...many thought it was purposely done, but it looks accidental to me.  
Well maybe it was a little more than an accident, but the speculation about the incident lead Spoelstra to call a 30 minute meeting with James. (Lebron has been quoted saying that he’s no longer having fun)
The two sat and talked before Monday game about the Heat’s recent offensive woes and  the “internal issues” that are plaguing the 10-8 team. I think that this “little” situation was temporarily patched with some masking tape, but the bigger problem will soon come out and Spoelstra will be out as Miami’s coach. 
I predict that by the middle of the season Pat Riley (currently the team president) and his slick hair will be at the hem of the team that he builded because I’m sure he refuses to see it falter. The Heat organization is probably thinking of a possible “leave of absence” excuse for Spoelstra...similar to former Heat head coach Stan Van Gundy’s “indefinite leave of absence” in 2006 when Riley took over and lead them to the NBA Championship...history can possibly repeat itself....but who knows, I guess we can only stay tuned to “As the Heat Rises”. 

***SIDENOTE: The Heat beat the John Wall-less Washington Wizards 105-94 Monday night...Lebron James had 30 points and Wade added 26 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assist and 4 steals***

The Infamous Bump

Tell Us How You Really Feel...

Arizona Cardinals' QB Derek Anderson just went off on a reporter after their Monday Night Football loss against the 49ers...27-6. The media questioned Anderson about him laughing on the sideline with one of his teammates while they were getting hammered by the Niners, and he went OFF. Yes, the game was a bore and you probably changed the channel, but this little nugget made my day, lol!!! Anderson's rant may have surpassed Mike Gundy as the best rant during a press conference ever and I think the walk off really did it...Check it out below: 

Monday, November 29, 2010

UPDATED: Good Behavior Saves Johnson...

***Update: Both players (Johnson & Finnegan) were fined $25,000 by the league today***

I guess being a good guy in the league pays off, Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson will be spared...he will only be fined, which means no suspension for the beat down that he put on Titans' cornerback Cortland Finnegan. I guess the league is thanking him for handling Cortland's big mouth, lol!!!! Still no word on what actions will be taken on Finnegan who initiated the fight. 

I'm sooo happy because we definitely need Johnson in the Texan's Thursday Night game against the Vick and the Eagles this week...Woot Woot!!!! 

***The fine amount has not been disclosed***

My Shoes of the Day....

Who's bold enough to rock these Leather and Python skin sneakers by Lanvin...I can honestly say that I like them and they're different in a funky way.
(Retail Value: $1066)

Can we say "hot girl"...these fur boots by Giuseppe Zanotti Design are for the ultimate fashionista...if you want to turn heads than this shoe is for you.
(Retail Value: $1429)

Morning Coffee...

NFL Sunday recaps:
Another interesting Sunday in football...I love the stories that develop each week...we had some heartbreakers, a beat down and someone is making a big statement towards his MVP mentions. Here are your Week 12 recaps:
Let’s start with the talk of the day....The Titans against the Texans, clearly the fight is overshadowing the fact that the Texans beat the Titans 20-0 and are still in the hunt for a AFC South division win...but honestly I can’t get excited about a win against the Titans’ third string quarterback Rusty Smith, but I guess a win is a win....And Congratulations to Andre Johnson, first for the three punches that you landed on Finnegan and for becoming the first player in NFL history to catch at least 60 passes in each of his first eight seasons. 
The matchup between the Steelers and the Bills had to be the most surprising game of the day....and I’m sure Bills WR Stevie Johnson is still upset with himself after he dropped a game winning TD to win the game in overtime...Steelers kicker Shaun Suisham finished the game up with a 41 yard field goal to seal the OT victory 19-16. Poor Stevie...I have seen the play about five times and I still don’t see how he dropped the pass...SMH!

The “best team in the league” continues to prove that they are one, if not the best team in the NFL....The (9-2) Atlanta Falcons are still on top of the NFC (with a five game winning streak) and the Packers came into Sunday’s game ready to spoil it all, but their plans were deterred...the better team won, as the Falcons took the victory, 20-17.
In a last minute nail biter, Cleveland escaped with a win against Carolina when Panthers’ kicker John Kasay missed a 42 yard field goal to give the Browns the 24-23 victory. And I have two words about this game...Peyton Hillis <----- this guy=BEAST (just check out his stats, 131 yards and 3 TDs in the win)
The Giants handed the Jaguars their fifth lost of this season with a 24-20 victory after trailing by 11 points....Eli’s TD pass to Kevin Boss with 3:15 left to play, and the defensive play of Giants D-line helped the G-Men seal the deal. 
The new coach effect continues as Leslie Frazier (interim head coach) lead his newly acquired Minnesota Vikings to a 17-13 victory against the shaky Washington Redskins. I’m rooting for Frazier all the way, I love this guy : ) 
Chad Henne is back under center and he rallied his Dolphins to a big 33-17 win against my “sleeper squad” the Oakland Raiders. I honestly can not keep up with the Raiders QB carousel, one week its Gradkowski then it’s Campbell...are they flipping a coin each week, Geez!!!! Might I add that the Dolphins won without star wide receiver Brandon Marshall. 
The Chiefs are still on top of the AFC West with a big win against the Seattle Seahawks 42-24....everyone on the Chiefs squad showed up and showed out...Cassell had four TDs, Bowe had 170 yards, and three TDs, and Charles ran for 173 yards and a TD (he’s now in the 1,000 yard club his season). This is the Seahawks fourth lost in five games and their playoff hopes are slowly dwindling away since the Rams are stepping their game up in the NFC West. 
Another big win for the Baltimore Ravens over the good looking Tampa Bay Bucs....I must say, the Ravens looked good in the 17-10 win and they look more than ready to host the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday night. 
The most impressive performance of Week 12 had to be the play of the Chicago Bears against the Philadelphia Eagles...The Bears’ defense and offense looked great as they made a statement to the NFC that they’re one to beat....The Eagles didn’t take the 31-26 loss easy but the Bears’ defense was too much for them...Vick threw for 333 yards and 2 TDs, and I’m so sad, but he also got his first interception of the season...Cutler showed that he’s more than an interception machine as he recorded 4 TDs (his career high). I hate to admit it and they may prove me wrong, but I’m not sold on this Bear’s squad. 
After the Broncos “videogate” scandal that was reported this week the Rams added fuel to the fire as they toppled over them in a 36-33 victory. The (5-6) Rams are now tied with Seattle for first place in the NFC West <----has to be the sorriest division this year.
The Colts are just a different team this year, I know that they have a lot of injuries this season but dang, I’m so not use to them losing. Peyton Manning had 4 interceptions (two were returned for TDs) in their 36-14 loss against the San Diego Chargers....Rivers played pretty good and the MVP talks continue. 

***SIDENOTE: Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson returned this week after his holdout, but I guess conditioning and real game time are two different things because he left the game with a strained calf muscle in the opening series and did not return***
****If you miss the MNF game tonight, you’re not missing much, lol!!! No seriously you’re not! It’s the 49ers against the Cardinals...Womp Womp!!!!...I guess I can do a little pick....I’m rolling with the 49ers in this one****
Jon Gruden in at “The U”?:
ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst and former Tampa Bay Bucs head coach, Jon Gruden aka Chucky, is rumored to be the next head coach at the University of Miami after school officials fired Randy Shannon on Nov. 27. 

This may only be a rumor so let’s not get too excited, but I’ve always liked Gruden as a coach and this could be a good fit for him. I can pick up where he left off at ESPN if he wants me to : ) 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

You Gotta Watch Out For The Quiet Ones...

I would like to start by saying that today was "The Sports Fashionista" bye week, lol!!! With the holiday and all I decided to take a little day of rest, but after seeing that whipping that Texans wideout Andre Johnson put on Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan I had to come out of hiding, lol!!!

Dre went postal on that boy....Honestly I hate to say it but I'm sure Finnegan deserved it, he is always talking smack. I hate the consequences that resulted in the butt kicking (it wasn't a fight, because clearly Finnegan did not connect not one hit) but I loved the action, I must admit. I do see a fine and a possible suspension in Johnson and Finnegan's future, but hey who doesn't like a good fight.

And kudos to my Texans for handling the Titans as well in their 20-0 victory. I will have the full NFL Week 12 breakdown tomorrow morning....and if you missed the butt kicking, check it out below: 

***Dre may be quiet but that Dade County came out QUICK****

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Your Talents Are No Longer Needed in SoBe...

Randy Shannon has been fired from his duties as head coach at "The U"....Shannon was given his walking papers today (tear). Shannon went 28-22 in his four seasons at the University of Miami. Such a good guy, I hope he can bounce back....More updates will be available in tomorrow's "Morning Coffee"

***SIDENOTE: Michigan's head coach Rich Rodriguez may want to start freshening up his resume because I have a feeling he's next***

Beyonce on ESPN!!!

Beyonce + SportsCenter= Sports Fashionista heaven...Check out her interview with ESPN's Hannah Storm below, where she talks about Kobe, Serena and the perks of having a NBA team owner husband. 

My Shoes of the Day....

This sneaker by Y-3 is nice and it gives me rock star...pair them with ripped jeans, a white tee and a leather bomber jacket...2010 meet the Fonz, lol!!!
(Retail Value: $290)

These Win Ankle Clogs by Dsquared2 are soooo ready for the winter and I bet they're extra comfy. I love anything with shearling!!!!
(Retail Value: $578)

College Gameday....

Since my "Game of the Week" was played yesterday (Auburn vs. Alabama) I'm just going to go straight into my Week 13 picks. 

My honorable mention "Game of the Week" is definitely #12 Arkansas vs. #5 LSU

I'm going to go out on a limb and pick the Razorbacks in the upset today....

Michigan vs. #8 Ohio State

#10 Michigan State vs. Penn State

Virginia vs. #16 Virginia Tech 

Kansas vs. #14 Missouri 

BYU vs. #20 Utah

Florida vs. #22 Florida State (Upset Alert!)

#23 NC State vs. Maryland

#24 Iowa vs. Minnesota

Northwestern vs. #7 Wisconsin 

#3 TCU vs. New Mexico

#18 South Carolina vs. Clemson

#25 Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss

Oregon State vs. #6 Stanford

#13 Oklahoma vs. #9 Oklahoma State 

***Dang this is definitely rivalry week, Week 13 is full of big matchups and instate rivals***

Thursday game results: 

Texas lost to #17 Texas A&M 24-17

Friday game results: 

#2 Auburn beat #11 Alabama in a great game 28-27

#15 Nebraska embarrassed Colorado 45-17

#1 Oregon is still at the top after handling #21 Arizona 48-29

#4 Boise State falls to #19 Nevada 34-31

Morning Coffee...

Please Hand Him the Heisman NOW!: 
Let me start by saying that Cam Newton is the Truth!!!! He will win the Heisman and it is very likely that he will be top 3 in next year’s NFL draft. The #2 Auburn Tigers came back from a 24 point deficit to beat the #11 Alabama Crimson Tide 28-27. This win may have stamped Auburn’s trip to the National Championship game. If you missed this game you missed something amazing, this has to be one of the best NCAA football games that I have ever seen and one of the best performances by a QB (Newton threw for 3 TDs and ran one in) I didn’t put up a post yesterday but I put it on everything, I picked Auburn to win...they just have all the pieces in my opinion. 
The Iron Bowl was off to a bad start and most people probably changed the channel when the Tigers went down 24-0, but my boy Newton turned it up and silenced the crowd at Bryant-Denny Stadium. 

The Tigers are now 12-0 going into the SEC championship game against South Carolina...with this win Auburn is guaranteed a trip to the national title game. I just think Alabama was out coached and the best team won....so in my Roger Goodell voice, here it goes...”And with the #1 pick in the 2011 NFL draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select....(drumroll please)...Cameron Newton. 

***SIDENOTE: He's reaching for his Heisman in the picture, lol!***
Boise State Waves Bye Bye to BCS: 
Speaking of blown leads....#4 Boise State lost a 17 point halftime lead to #19 Nevada and they can also kiss their BCS chances goodbye. Nevada came back from their deficit to beat the Broncos in overtime, 34-31. 

This loss snapped Boise’s State’s 24 game winning streak (10-0 this season, going into this game) and killed their hopes of playing in the BCS title game. Boise’s kicker Kyle Brotzman is probably in hiding, he missed a 26 yard field goal with 2 seconds left in regulation and another from 29 yards in overtime...Tsk Tsk! Well I’m sure the guys over at TCU are in celebration mode since this Boise loss made things a little easier for them on their quest to a BCS bowl game. 
The Dallas Mavericks are playing grand reapers this season as they canceled the San Antonio Spurs 12 game winning streak on Friday night, in their 103-94 victory. The Mavs shutdown the Hornets winning streak last month when they were the last undefeated team in the league. 

My boy Dirk Nowitzi scored 26 points for the Mavs and Tyson Chandler added 19. Manu Ginobili balled out for the Spurs with his 31 points and George Hill scored 21 off the bench. Yes the streak is over but the Spurs still hold the best record in the league at 13-2. They will play the only other team to beat them this season, the New Orleans Hornets, on Sunday. 

Obama Banged Up: 
Our beloved President Barack Obama got banged up Friday morning at Fort McNair in a little pickup basketball game against family and friends visiting for the holiday. He was given 12 stitches after having his lip busted after it connected with an elbow during the game. Obama is so funny to me, I would love to play him in a game of love & basketball...oh yeah, I forget that he’s married sometimes, my fault Michelle : ) 

What Should I Do...Jordan Edition

So the "What Should I Do" parodies continue...this time NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan takes on Lebron's Nike commercial...I'm not sure if it's real or not, but the message is nice.....Check it out below: 

Sorry for today...the turkey had me extra lazy...I'll be back in stride tomorrow for College Gameday, oh and yes I will be pumping Cam Newton up (You have been warned, lol!) 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...

Wishing each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving from 
The Sports Fashionista!!!!!

Bon Appetit!!!

The Sports Fashionista's Guide to Black Friday...

If Black Friday is your thing I wanted to give you a little 411 on the ins and outs of the biggest shopping day of the year....

Store Hours

Best Buy- 5am
Costco- 9am
Dick's Sporting Goods- 5am
Gamestop- 5am
Half Price Books- 7am
Home Depot- 5am 
JCPenney- 4am
Kmart- 5am
Kohl's 3am
Lowe's- 6am
Macy's- 4am
Old Navy- 12am
Radio Shack- 5:30am
Sam's- 5am
Sears- 4am
Target- 4am
Toys R Us- Starts at 10pm on Thanksgiving night
Walmart 5am

Doorbusters/Sales (Click on the links below)


***Study the ads***

***Make a list***

***Setup a strategic plan***

***Go to bed early and don't forget to set your alarm***

***Get an early start***

***Dress comfortably....tennis shoes please***

***Don't bring ANY KIDS***

***Do not bring any complaining adults***

***Don't make any impulse buys***

And My Picks Are....Turkey Edition

Thanksgiving is a time for family, food and FOOTBALL!!!! Nothing brings me more joy than to be able to sit in front of the television with a plate full of turkey, greens, mac n cheese, rolls, and of course my grandma's dressing....and some football. Dang that last sentence made me hungry...the countdown to dinner begins now but first here are my NFL picks...Thanksgiving Edition. 

***SIDENOTE: None of these matchups are games of the week worthy...each contest features great teams against subpar squads...ok, now back to the picks***

First up we have...

The (2-8) Detroit Lions against the (8-2) New England Patriots...can we say possible blowout? In this contest we have one of the best teams in the league, lead by one of the best QBs against the shaky Lions. (enough said) This is the Lions annual Thanksgiving game where they will host the AFC powerhouse who has beaten the Colts, Steelers and the Ravens this season. 

The Lions are coming off two weeks of losses to the Buffalo Bills (at the time they were winless) and the (3-7) Dallas Cowboys. And the sad part of it all is that yes the Thanksgiving game is a Lions tradition but the poor guys have lost their last six meeting on the national holiday...SMH...In this matchup the Patriots is just a better team and we can go back and forth but I would rather use that time for the other games below...Patriots in this one.

Next up we have.... (this will probably be the best game of the three)

Ok, we've all had our first plate by now and getting up from a nap due to the boredom from Game 1, but this one is sure to keep you up. It's the (7-3) New Orleans Saints against the (3-7) Dallas Cowboys. I'm not about to sit here and blow the Saints up because I still don't think they're the SuperBowl team from last year, but I think they're getting back into the flow of things. As far as the Dallas Cowboys, I'm not quite ready to pop out the confetti after wins against the Giants and Lions, like some of their fans have...uhhh, so not necessary when they are 3-7. Ok, now this game right here will help me to answer a few questions: Are the Saints a threat in the NFC? And can Jason Garrett turn the Cowboys season around? 

***Things that make you say hmmmm***

Both teams are coming off big wins on Sunday...The Saints beat the Seahawks (34-19) and the Cowboys handled the Lions (35-19). The Saints are expected to return some of it's casualties that were lost at the beginning of the season (Reggie Bush (leg), Jeremy Shockey (rib), Darren Sharper (hamstring) and Malcolm Jenkins (neck)) which should be an added bonus for them in today's game. I'm sure the Saints may have a little pay back for the Dallas Cowboys who ended their 13 game winning streak last year at the SuperDome (24-17). 

Unlike the Lions, the Cowboys are on a four game Thanksgiving Day winning streak. I honestly like the Cowboys offense with Kitna....I'm not jumping for joy or anything but he is doing better than I thought. Plus my predicted Offensive Rookie of the Year Dez Bryant is guaranteed to get at least one TD (maybe even two, but that Saints defense is nice, so we shall see). Now you knew it was coming, time to bring up that shaky Cowboys defense (SECONDARY) which I think will be the reason that the Cowboys will fall in this one...I'm rolling with the Saints. 

Last but not least.....

The (3-8) Cincinnati Bengals against the (8-2) New York Jets...they should be (7-3), but I'm not going to go there...yes I'm still bitter about the Texans loss this past week...UGH!!! (tear) Ok, back to this matchup. Do y'all really want me to go all in on this one...I was rooting for the Bengals until they let the freaking Bills come back and wear them out last week (49-31) They were outscored 35-0 after the half....still SMH about that one, but I guess I will do a little breakdown on this matchup. 

First of all the Bengals hasn't seen a victory since September...crazy huh? Terrell Owens (8 TDs in last 7 games) is playing some of his best ball and he will be Darelle Revis' problem today, after a little noise talking this matchup is probably the most exciting part of the game. I am still questioning how a team goes from AFC North champs to one of the sorriest teams in the league...and what the heck is going on with Ochocinco and Palmer?

***kanye shrug*** 

I would be excited if this was the Bengals squad that played the Jets in the playoffs last year, but that's so not the case, so I guess I just have to deal with it.

 The Jets last three games (Houston, Cleveland, & Detroit) have went down to the wire and though nerve wrecking they still seem to pull them off. This will not be a nail biter...easy win...Jets Jets Jets!!!!

***Time to prepare for plate #2, LOL!!!***

My Shoes of the Day....

This Spear Open toe bootie by Camilla Skovgaard is so darling....check out the platform it's so innovative and hot!!! I love these...
(Retail Value: $509)

I'm loving the colors in these chocolate sneakers (with a touch of olive, red and plaid) by Creative Recreation....
(Retail Value: $85)

Morning Coffee...

Miami.... 3 In A Row:
The Heat is streaking and in the worst way...the guys are on a three game losing streak (Grizzlies, Pacers, and most recently Magic). The Heat shallowed another loss as they took on the Orlando Magic, Wednesday night. This loss takes them to an 8-7 record, which is so not what I nor the rest of the world expected. 

Oh and might I add, all of the Big Three (James, Wade, and Bosh) played. I don’t know how long it takes to mesh, but geez louise!!!! James had 25, Bosh added 21 and Wade had 18 in the contest. Now on the other side, Howard scored 24 points and 18 rebounds, JJ Redick had 20 points and Jameer Nelson  added 17 points and 14 assists (his career high)...The next couple of Heat games are winnable (sadly I’m still hopeful, we’re only 15 games in)...coming up, they have the 76ers, Mavericks, Wizards, Pistons, and Cavs. 
Did You Get My Text:
I hate text messaging...I know that hate is a strong word but I think it is the most impersonal way of communicating. So why would you send your boss a freaking text message to apologize for your actions...just ask Titans' QB Vince Young.  Head coach Jeff Fisher confirmed that his QB sent him a text message on Tuesday, the same day that he was asked to leave the Titans’ facility because the team was having a meeting that he wasn’t invited to. (Interesting) Clearly Fisher wasn’t feeling the text messages...
"I'm not a real big text guy. I'm not really into this new-age stuff," Fisher said. "I don't Twitter or tweet. But I think face-to-face is a man thing, OK?"
Asked if a text was better than no apology at all, Fisher said: "Someone could have grabbed his phone."

The text basically thanked Fisher for the opportunity to play with the Titans, wished the team good luck for the rest of the season and asked Fisher to have more confidence in him.Young was injured in the Titans’ loss against the Redskins on Sunday which resulted in an argument between him and head coach Jeff Fisher. After an examination it was found that Vince had a torn flexor tendon in his right thumb and would miss the remainder of the season. In my opinion, Vince has some growing up to do and seriously don’t ever text your boss again, be a man and handle the situation face to face. 
***SIDENOTE: Prayers to Titans' offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger would has been diagnosed with cancer...I pray for his healing***

Ranger’s MVP: 
Congraulations to Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton for being named MLB’s American League Most Valuable Player!!!! Miguel Cabera of the Tigers came in second and Yankees Robinson Cano was third. Reds Joey Votto was named National League MVP on Monday. Big money is heading Hamilton’s way...I really love this guy and his story...REDEMPTION! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Shoes of the Day....

I'm loving these Colin Stuart platform pumps that are available online at Victoria's Secret...All the colors are hot but the leopard stood out the most to me and just when I was getting really to point and click I caught the small print that read "Not currently available in featured leopard color"...UGH!!! But I must say, the other colors are still nice.
(Retail Value: $68)

***SIDENOTE: And for the tall chicks like me, they have size 11s...Woot Woot!!!!***

I did a post on the Android Homme's about a month ago and I'm still seeing hot sneakers by the brand...these navy Mach 1s are different and cool for that laid back dude that don't try to do too much...these are just enough : )
(Retail Value: $135)

Indiana Jones Wears One...

My favorite quote in Hangover is "It's not a man purse its a satchel...Indiana Jones wears one" so I decided to do a post on MAN BAGS, lol!!! 

Ok, ok, not really man bags but messenger bags, duffles and backpacks for men by some of my favorite designers.

This Roadster bag by Louis Vuitton (seen here in Damier Graphite) is perfect for a weekend getaway.
(Retail Value: $965)

This Gucci carry-on in ecru with green/red/green detail is all you need for an overnight trip.
(Retail Value: $960)

This Salvatore Ferragamo Gamma messenger bag is perfect for a guy on the go.
(Retail Value: $950)

I still haven't accepted the guys with the backpacks but if they like it I guess I will have to live with it...this black Prada backpack is nice and it seems to be roomy enough to handle all your goodies and gadgets.
(Retail Value: $850)

I love this chocolate Burberry Exploded Check Canvas...the colors are so rich and manly, lol!
(Retail Value: $651.75)

I am in love with this sleek olive suede duffle bag with gunmetal detail by Ralph Lauren...it is soooo nice and modern, and its on sale!!! Was $1495
(Retail Value: $899)

I couldn't complete this post without showcasing this Gucci GG Plus Backpack, I've seen it around the airport and it looks pretty cool...this is coming from a person that's so not a fan of the backpack, lol!!!
(Retail Value: $890)

Morning Coffee...

Chilly Done in The North Star State: 
I guess bringing in Brett Favre, almost making it to the SuperBowl (fell to the Saints in the NFC Championship game) and getting a contract extension doesn’t guarantee anything in the world of sports, or better yet job security in the Not For Long league. As reported Brad “Chilly” Childress is out as Minnesota Vikings head coach after a drama filled season...First there’s the fact that the team is 3-7, then there were the statements from his players revealing their hate for him and of course we all remember Mossgate, lol! 

It is something about getting tapped by the Green Bay Packers...ask Wade Philips what happened to him after the Packers tapped his then Cowboys....the Vikings 31-3 loss to the Packers was owner Zygi Wilf last straw. 
The naming of defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier as interim head coach is bittersweet because his job security is based on how the team finishes up this season and I really think he deserves the job. He is that one guy that could never get a break, Frazier has interviewed for seven NFL head coaching jobs (Crazy, huh?). Frazier first order of business was handling his quarterback situation...Favre or Jackson and he has guaranteed that Favre is still his starting QB...we’ll see how his pans out as they take on the Redskins Sunday at FedEx Field. 

***This picture is hilarious to me***
Well, well, well, I guess that Rivers guys has a little game, lol!!!! I checked him out last night in Monday Night Football and he carried his team to a 35-14 victory against the Denver Broncos. Chargers QB Philip Rivers (completed 15-24 passes) tied his career high with four TDs, to four different targets (cute for him). Rivers leads the league with 3,177 passing yards...Nice!!!  I must say that the Cowboys may regret their September transaction of wide receiver Patrick Crayton who had 105 yards in the Chargers win...before he dislocated his wrist on a TD pass. 

If you know the (5-6) Chargers squad like I do you know that his is their time to shine, they usually start playing great ball midseason. Might I add the Chargers were missing Pro Bowl tight end Antonio Gates, first rounder RB Ryan Matthews and last year’s breakout wide receiver Vincent Jackson, who will return to the field this week. Look for big things out of this Chargers team as they finish up the regular season. 
Young Out:
After his little spat with head coach Jeff Fisher it has been announced that Titans QB Vince Young is done for the season with a torn flexor tendon in his right thumb (needs season ending surgery). The Titans placed the injured QB on injury reserve which ends his 2010 season. And it seems as though Fisher and Young better go on a little fishing trip or something to get it together because owner Bud Adams said that both will return next season if they like it or not. Rookie Rusty Smith will start this week in Houston against the Texans....oh and if you were wondering where Randy Moss has been, he’s still on the team, lol!!!! 
Seymour Fined:
The NFL fined Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour $25,000 for the slap/punch combo (I’m calling it a slap/punch combo because a slap would not have landed Ben’s big behind on the ground...that had to be a punch, lol) that he laid on Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger in Sunday’s game that had him ejected and ended in a Steelers blowout, 35-3. 
Congratulations to Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto who was named MLB National League’s MVP (ending Albert Pujol’s two year streak). Cardinals’ Pujol’s came in a close second and Rockies Carlos Gonzalez was third. The American League winner will be named on Tuesday...I’m pulling for my boy Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers!!!!

Heat's Downfall:

We fall down but we get up...clearly I thought that the fall of the Miami Heat to the Memphis Grizzlies last Saturday was their wakeup call but I was wrong...the Heat fell to the (6-6) Indiana Pacers Monday night...yes those Pacers, lol!!! Pacer’s Danny Granger (20 points, 11 rebounds) and Brandon Rush (20 points) balled out against the Heat, beating the most anticipated NBA team of the year 93-77.
Heat’s Dwyane Wade had the worst shooting display of his career as he finished with 3 points and was 1-13 from the field. The other pieces to the Big 3 had pretty good games, James (25 points) and Bosh (21 points, 11 rebounds) but it wasn’t enough to hold off the Pacers. This right here is Michael Jackson bad I tell you...I had so much confidence in this squad this season, but I think they still have a chance to shock the world. 
Sources are reporting that the Heat are close to signing 6-11 center Erick Dampier after losing Udonis Haslem. Dampier is just a big body in my opinion and maybe that’s all they need, but he is so sorry to me. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Breaking News....

Brad Childress is out as Minnesota's head coach and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is in an interim....I knew that his days were numbered!!!!! 




Morning Coffee...

NFL Sunday Recaps:
Another big week in the NFL and another sad day as a Texans fan...SMH!!! It’s really getting unreal it’s like a curse against us, but oh well, we must move on to Week 12 and not dwell on the past. I’m sure the Manning brothers would like to turn back the hands of time as they both were interception machines Sunday (insert classic Mannning DUH face) lol! 
Here are my Week 11 results: 
Starting with my Game of the Week!!!! Brady vs. Manning, and it didn’t disappoint, the game came down to the last play when Peyton threw an interception to end it and Brady and his little men (Woodhead/Welker) took the win. Manning had a total of 3 INTs... 31-28
Baltimore killed the (1-9) Carolina Panthers 37-13...they literally put on a clinic in Charlotte. Let’s not talk about the great offensive play because the defense were excellent as Ray Lewis (Can we say pick 6!) and Ed Reed (recorded his 50th career INT...Congrats!) each had interceptions that turned into Ravens TDs. In my Roger Goodell voice, “And with the #1 Pick the Carolina Panthers select...” LOL!!!! 
Let’s make this quick and no this is not deja vu...The Texans lost a close one to the New York Jets...late in the game the Texans came back to lead by one...then here comes Mark Sanchez and his explosive last minute offense. Santonio Holmes caught a six yard TD pass with 0:10 seconds left to beat the Texans in another heartbreaker 30-27
Cowboys fans please calm down, y’all were playing the Detroit Lions and were expected to win anyway so let’s not get too excited...Now I will give y’all permission to get excited about your team’s future because Dez Bryant is GREAT!!!! I see a Offensive Rookie of the Year in his future. The 35-19 win, catapulted the Cowboys to a (3-7) record..Woohoo (twirls finger) 
The battle for pride...I just knew that the Bengals would beat the Bills but man was I wrong...and might I add that the Bengals were up 31-14 at the half...I don’t know what happened in the Bills locker room but they came out and shut it down taking the victory 49-31. I can now say that the Bengals are the worst team in the league...SMH...Cue my Roger Goodell voice “And with the #2 Pick the Cincinnati Bengals select...”
It’s a little drama brewing down in Tennessee...Vince left the game with an thumb injury and it all went downhill from there between him and head coach Jeff Fisher and the Redskins benefitted from the little spat, as they took the win in overtime 19-16. It is being said that Young has lost his starting position and his days with the Titans may be over...this story is developing and I will make sure to keep you updated. 
The Packers came into Mall of America Field and embarrassed the Vikings defense...they may have also put a nail in Childress and Favre’s coffins....31-3
One of my sleeper teams, the Kansas City Chiefs bounced back his past week after their blowout loss to the Broncos last Sunday....and the Arizona Cardinals were their victims 31-13
My other sleeper the Oakland Raiders were clearly still asleep because the Steelers rolled over them in their 35-3 win. The most interesting part of the game was the punch that Raiders DT Richard Seymour laid on Steelers QB Big Ben which resulted in him being ejected...SMH
I have one thing to say about the Browns vs Jags game..yes the Jags won 24-20 but Peyton Hillis will be in Hawaii this year, he is the bomb.com
So are the Atlanta Falcons the best team in the league...I would give them top five, but I'm sure that their win against the Rams (34-17) yesterday (which took them to 8-2) will probably take them to the top of the NFL Power Rankings....
Reggie Bush didn’t play but it didn’t matter because the Saints handled Pete Carroll and his Seahawks in their 34-19 victory.
The Bucs went to San Francisco and helped the 49ers lay an egg as they took the win 21-0
And last but not least...Mike Vick continued his great play as the Eagles took on the Giants for the NFC #1 spot...I’m still upset with Jackson, Maclin and Avant for their sudden case of butterfingers but they pulled through with the help of Eli Manning with his three INTs and the fumble that ended the game and helped the Eagles get the victory 27-17.
***SIDENOTE: The Chargers will take on the Broncos tonight on MNF***
League Of His Own: 

Not one, not two, not even three....but five, yes five consecutive Sprint Cup championships for NASCAR’s Jimmie Johnson. Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick have been on his back the whole season, but Johnson pulled another rabbit out his hat and won his fifth Sprint Cup. This feat moves Johnson pass Jeff Gordon for most titles among active drivers, and he’s third on the all time list behind HOFs Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt. Congratulations to JJ!!!!! 

Haslem Out:
Ok, first the Miami Heat lost a close one to the Memphis Grizzlies Saturday night and now more bad news....their power forward Udonis Haslem tore a ligament in his left foot and is expected to miss a good amount of time this season. Haslem lead the NBA in bench player point with 8.2 per game...I guess Jerry Stackhouse, Juwan Howard and Jamaal Magloire won’t be getting a free checks this season, now get up off the bench and do something.
***SIDENOTE: Wade sat out on Saturday against the Grizzlies due to a sprained wrist***

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