Sunday, October 31, 2010

And my picks are....

Sorry guys but this trip to Houston was much needed and I apologize for my brief hiatus, but I'm back and you know what today is SUNDAY!!!! My favorite day of the week...PRAISE, WORSHIP, and FOOTBALL!!!! We will start with my games of the week ***flashes smile*** 
(Sadly, I have two games again this week) 

My first matchup is the Saints (4-3) vs the Steelers (5-1). This will be a very physical contest and with the Saints coming off a 30-17 blowout at home vs the CLEVELAND BROWNS last week (I'm still stunned about that one) they will have a chip on their shoulder. And the Steelers are coming off a controversial 24-23 win against the Fins last week. We are definitely in for a treat with this one.

The Steelers defense will be a lot for the Saints offense whose running game is plagued by injuries. Drew Brees showing last week proved that he is not perfect and he must cut out the turnovers in his game or the Steelers will capitalize just like the Browns. The Steelers has the NFL's top scoring defense (13.7 points per game) and 2nd best turnover ratio at plus-eight, so Brees and company better watch out. Many are saying that the Steelers are the best team in the league (they still have a lot to prove to me), but going into the Superdome won't be an easy feat. The injury to Steelers LB Aaron Smith is going to have an affect on the league's best defense (Ziggy Hood will be Smith's replacement in today's matchup). The Saints running game could profit from this lost, but I feel Brees may just go after the Steelers secondary and keep the ball in the air. This will be a good one, and it's hard to say who will take it, but I'm going with the Who Dat Nation at home. 

My next matchup is the big AFC South rivalry, my 4-2 Texans vs the 4-2 Colts in a Monday Night showdown. Both teams are coming off a bye so rest isn't an issue, and my boys know how to show out on Monday night. The Texans handled the Colts at home in Week 1 (34-24) but heading down to Lucas Oil Stadium will NOT be easy. The Colts rushing defense is a little shaky this year and if Arian Foster has half the game that he had last time this is a definite victory for the Texans. The Colts team has some kind of hocus pocus on them, they've lost Dallas Clark (season ending wrist injury) and Austin Collie (injured right thumb) since their Week 1 matchup with the Texans and running backs Joseph Addai and Donald Brown are doubtful. I say this time and time again that this isn't the same Colts team of yesterday. The only positive that remains is their All Pro QB Peyton Manning and his receiving core of Wayne and Garcon. 

It still hurts me to know that Demeco Ryans is out for the season and this is a bad blow to an already struggling Texans defense, but I was happy to hear the news that defensive Rookie of the Year, Brian Cushing has moved to middle linebacker, which gives me a bit of relief. Also the Texans will welcome back left tackle Duane Brown, who is coming off a four game suspension for NFL's policy on banned substances. This is another good matchup, and if it was at Reliant I would easily say Texans, but with our struggling defense and the Colts being at home ***thinking***....I have to go with my Texans, lol...I had y'all for a minute...I must go for my boys on this one. : ) 

The remaining Week 8 games...

Jags vs. Cowboys

(Seriously, the (1-5) Cowboys can not afford to lose another game and with Romo out and Kitna in, I just don't know...Maybe they needed a little change, I'm going with the Cowboys)

***UPDATE: I don't usually do this, but this Cowboys team is horrible...changing my pick to the Jaguars and RIP to their season..SMH!!!!

Dolphins vs. Bengals

(Dolphins are coming off a controversial game and the Bengals will have to deal with their anger...but will Batman and Robin let their team them fall 2-5, nah...Bengals in this one)

Redskins vs. Lions

(This is a bit of a different Lions squad, but I like the Redskins in this one, and if DeAngelo Hall have a game like last week (Whew) Matthew Stafford better watch out, lol) 

Bills vs. Chiefs

(The Bills gave me a little scare last week against my Ravens, but I like this new Chiefs team...Bills 0-7)

Panthers vs. Rams

(The Panthers are coming off their only win of the season and the Rams are playing their behinds off this season with Bradford under center...I'm rooting for the Rams at home) 

Packers vs. Jets

(This will be a good one...But that Jets defense will be too much for Aaron Rodgers and company...Green Bay's injuries will come back to haunt them) 

Broncos vs 49ers

(The NFL should be embarrassed that this is the game that they chose to represent them in the International Series... both teams suck but we must chose a winner....I'm pulling for the 49ers new starting QB Troy Smith, so Niners it is...please don't let me regret this pick)

Titans vs. Chargers

(The (5-2) Titans are first place in the AFC South and this shaky (2-5) Chargers team isn't about to change anything) 

Seahawks vs. Raiders

(Another good matchup, I'm loving the new Raiders, and just because of that I'm picking them as my upset of the week...Yeah, I'm feeling myself with this one, lol!!!) 

Vikings vs. Patriots

(Soooo the question is, "Is Brett starting or not?"...But is this really the Vikings problem ***kanye shrug***, the Patriots are coming off a squeaker against the Chargers, but I'm going with Brady's boys in this one) 

Bucs vs. Cardinals

(This is a toss up ***flips coin, heads Bucs, tails Cards***....ok tails, Cards, got this one, lol...ok seriously, both teams are mediocre to me so I'm going to trust my quarter and go with the Cards) 

***Bye week: Browns, Giants, Ravens (tear) and Bears***

My Shoes of the Day....

Today's picks are cute and reasonably priced. 

These Lace up Peep-toe booties by Steven (Steve Madden) are cute and they give you the military feel that's in this fall. The buckles, laces and peep toe give me life. 
(Retail Value: $159)

The Jadis (also by Steve Madden) is nice and I love that it is available in both brown (as shown) and black. Guys be sleeping on places like Steve Madden and Aldo, but they have great items at an even greater price. 
(Retail Value: $159.95)

Friday, October 29, 2010

The New Power Couple...

I love love and it brings me joy to see couples that can stand alone, but when matched together the word "Power" comes into play.. The new power couples that are starting to surface is the athlete/celebrity combo. This combination was started by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio and  Phylicia & Ahmad Rashad. 

The Los Angeles Lakers has always been the ones with the famous chicks on their arms but more guys are hooking up with celebrity chicks these days. When you think about it, they usually travel in the same circles and attend the same parties/events, so almost likely they would eventually hook up. They do have a lot in common too...busy schedules, lifestyles, and of course, money, lol. 

Many may ask, why is this the new trend? I feel that they usually compliment one another and the difference of their lifestyles as far as singer/athlete or actress/athlete seem to catch the other's interest. And what man doesn't want a woman that has it all together, who can share the common thread of success with them. 

So "The Sports Fashionista" would like to take a look at some of the up and coming "Power Couples".

Newly engaged Los Lakers Guard Sasha Vujacic and tennis superstar Maria Sharapova

Singer Keyshia Cole and her Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson

 Yankees 3rd basemen and tasty treat, Alex Rodriquez with his beautiful superstar girlfriend Cameron Diaz

Los Angeles guard Shannon Brown met his fiance, songstress Monica Arnold on the set of her video

Denver Nuggets small forward Carmelo Anthony married his starlet Lala Vasquez-Anthony this summer in a beautiful ceremony

I guess I have to live with the fact that Derek has moved on, lol. 
Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is proud to have the "Friday Night Lights" star and recently crowned "Sexiest Woman Alive" (by Esquire mag) Minka Kelly on his arm. 

1/3 of the Miami Heat Big Three Dwyane Wade has a cutie on his arm as well...he has been dating Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union for a few years...There should be a ring soon : ) 

Utah Jazz PG Earl Watson married actress Jennifer Freeman last year, the couple has a beautiful daughter together. 

The "King of Interceptions" and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is dating reality star Kristin Cavallari of "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach"

Los Angeles outfielder Matt Kemp (Sidenote: He is sooooo hot) is dating International superstar Rihanna...They make a really cute couple 

Meagan Good and her Kansas City Chiefs RB Thomas Jones have been a hot item for a while now

Tennis superstar Andy Roddick is married to model Brooklyn Decker

And last but not least....Los Angeles forward Lamar Odom and his reality star wife Khloe Kardashian 

This is the new school power couples... But I must give love to the oldheads, lol

***Tony Parker & Eva Longoria***
***Grant Hill and Tamia***
***Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen***
***David and Victoria Beckham***
***Michael Strathan and Nicole Murphy***
***Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias***

Get to Know Me....

Do you know who his man is?

He's Russian
He's a self made billionaire
He has a connect in Brooklyn
He's Jay Z's business partner

Well if you don't know him, you will....

He's Mikhail Prokhorov...

Prokhorov, 44 is the second richest man in Russia and the 39th richest man in the world, with an estimated fortune of $13.4 billion according to Forbes. He is also the owner of the New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets. He is the first non-North American and tallest (6'8") NBA owner. 

After watching a couple of his interviews I've noticed that he's a very charismatic guy which has people questioning who he is. Many are also asking "Was his purchase a good investment?", but only time will tell. 

I must say that his hands are full since the Nets aren't the most successful franchise in the bunch, but they're up and coming and the great pick up of Avery Johnson as head coach is the perfect start. And if you check out their roster they have the pieces to do a little damage this season with rookie Derrick Favors, Brook Lopez, Devin Harris and Terrance Williams who's coming off a great rookie season. They really need a franchise player like Carmelo to come and shake things up (I think he's heading the Knicks way though). But with the master minds of Jay Z and Prokhorov you never know what's up their sleeve, we may want to watch out for these New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, because "The Blueprint for Greatness" is in the making.  

Oh You Fancy Huh!!!!

I came across these two pieces and I'm in love...Yes the prices are outrageous but the items are so spicy. You have to be the ultimate fashionista to rock these...

This electric blue space age patent leather strapless dress by Versace is giving me life. The mini dress is made from electric blue silk with geometric patent-leather plating. I could so see myself in this piece then I saw the price, so I'll let Beyonce or Rihanna handle this one, lol!!!! 
(Retail Value: $9525)

And of course I couldn't leave my guys out...this piece gives me Trey Songz, I can so see him in this. You have to exude a high amount of confidence to rock this Burberry Shearling Funnel Neck Aviator Jacket. I love the vintage feel of the dark brown and the tan shearling underline. You will definitely have the ladies making love faces in this one. (You'll catch this if you have the Passion, Pain and Pleasure CD, lol)
(Retail Value: $4195)

Daily Tidbits....

Ok seriously, I honestly don’t know what’s going on with my Rangers (insert disgruntled face). We were on such a high last week, but as soon as we touched down in San Francisco all our hard work went out the window. 

The Texas boys are currently down 2-0 in the World Series vs the Giants. In Game 2 Giants pitcher Matt Cain “SHUT IT DOWN” and the Rangers hitting was totally off. The Giants took off with a 9-0 victory on Thursday night, leaving the Rangers to scratch back when the series heads to Arlington, on Saturday in a must win Game 3. I seriously think that Ron Washington aka Uncle Ron needs to refocus the team's mindset, shake the jitters and have the boys ready on Saturday because the people of Dallas or holding on to this since the Cowboys are....(nevermind, you already know, no need to repeat the obvious)
The Cowboys AGAIN:
Speaking of the Cowboys, since ESPN and Ed Werder are obsessed with the it just me or does it seem like Ed Werder has a permanent tent setup outside of Valley Ranch, he is always out front, GEEZ!!! Oh well, ESPN is reporting that per team owner Jerry Jones QB Tony Romo might not play again this season (I feel like I just reported this three days ago), it all depends on his recovery time (DUH!!!). Sorry to have to take y’all through another one of Jerry’s spotlight moments but seriously what was ESPN’s point of reporting this again. I’m over it, now to a more serious story....
Notre Dame student: 
Very sad news coming out of South Bend, Notre Dame student Declan Sullivan, 20 year old junior died Wednesday when the video tower that he was on to film the football practice collapsed. Sullivan was rushed to the hospital where he later died. Authorities are currently investigating the accident. The wind gust was about 51 mph at the time, according to the National Weather Service, when Sullivan was filming on the tower that stood about 50 feet above the ground. 
The story gets eery due to Sullivan’s tweets leading into the incident. Sullivan posted the following tweet at the beginning of practice:
"Gusts of wind up to 60 mph. Well today will be fun at work. I guess I've lived long enough."
Then he posted another one shortly after:
"Holy (blank). Holy (blank). This is terrifying."
The university will have grief counselors available for students and the university president Rev. John Jenkins held a special Mass in honor of Sullivan, Thursday night. 

R.I.P. Declan Sullivan : ( 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Travel Day...

Sorry Guys but my post will be coming in a little late today, due to travel.  
Tune in tonight, I will have some interesting post : ) 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Tidbits....

Bling Bling: 

Congratulations to the 2010 NBA Champion LA Lakers on winning "The Ship" but did they really have to take a whole hour of my time for their ring ceremony on Tuesday night's game vs my Houston Rockets...Gee Whiz!!!! All that could have been saved for the championship commemorative video that comes with a Sports Illustrated subscription (I'm just saying). I'm not a fan, but the guys showed out this year with their blinged out (is that word still current, lol) ring.

The ring has 16 oversized diamonds to represent the 16 titles in franchise history and each player's ring features a 3-dimensional sculpture of his face, an upgrade from the laser-cut faces on the 2009 rings. 
The other intricate part of the ring that makes it stand out is that one of the basketballs used during Game 7 of the NBA Finals was cut up and portions of the leather was used on the underside of the ring. The rings were designed by owner of Jason of Beverly Hills, Jason Arasheben. Wouldn't expect anything less from such a classy organization (in my sarcastic voice, lol) 

One Smith out, the other in: 
Mike Singletary has summoned San Francisco's third string QB Troy Smith from clipboard duty. The 49ers starting QB Alex Smith will miss 2-3 weeks with a left shoulder injury, but will he really be missed (uhhh, no). This may be a good move for the struggling 1-6 Niners, Troy Smith was a stand out at Ohio State where was was the 2006 Heisman Trophy winner. Smith spent three years with the Baltimore Ravens who cut him during the conclusion of training camp, and he was immediately scooped up by the 49ers. Smith will make his starting debut in London where the Niners will face the Denver Broncos in the NFL's International Series this Sunday. I will be rooting for Troy because he could never get a break in the NFL, and this may just be the perfect opportunity for him. 

Tonight's action on the tube:
Texas Rangers vs, San Francisco Giants: World Series opening game (FOX @ 7:30/Eastern)
Bulls vs. OKC Thunder (ESPN @ 8pm/Eastern) 
Trailblazers vs. LA Clippers (ESPN @ 10:30pm/Eastern)

If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out the Kitchen...

Ok ok, the Heat lost to the Celtics yesterday...Big Deal!!! It was Game 1, so I don't want to hear all the backlash...The Big Three have 81 more games to go. 
Oh, Shout out to Lebron for his 31 points!!! Woot Woot!!!! 
Wade added 13 points and 6 assists
And thanks to Chris Bosh (8 points) for his non existence, he is going to have to get it together quick.
***I just had to get that off my chest, just in case someone wanted to jump off the bandwagon***

Sidenote: How dumb does Bosh look in this picture, I'm just saying, lol!!!

With all my ranting I forgot to mention the score, the Celtics won 88-80 and Ray Allen lead his squad with 20 points. 
The Heat will take on the 76ers on today and the Celtics will head down to Cleveland. 

Hit the Ground Running...

Since moving to Baltimore running has become my new hobby...I'm sure I am one of the last to get on the fitness kick but hey, I'm here now!!!! Woot Woot for me. I am always shopping around for the latest trends in running shoes and I decided to share a couple of my findings with you. 

These women Nike Lunareclipse+ women's running shoe are cute and comfy
(Retail Value: $130) 

This is the men's version of the Nike Lunareclipse+ running shoe. The gray and black contrast gives it a masculine feel, and that's what I like about them.
(Retail Value: $130)

Many people are jumping on the new Vibram Five Fingers, they are weightless shoes that conform to your foot. They are both comfy and innovative.  It's like you're barefooted...
For more info Vibram Five Fingers

<----- Ladies 
(Retail Value: $110)

Men's ---->
(Retail Value: $110)

Reebok is putting out some new innovative products too with the Reebok Easytones and the Reebok Zigtechs. I have been looking into buying some Easytones, to get that EXTRA workout on my buttocks while I'm out and about. 
And I remember the tastiness that is Chad Ochocinco in the Zigtech commercials...oh, Peyton Manning and Sidney Cosby were also pitch men...but Chad's commercials stuck with me ***slaps self*** now back to the matter at hand, lol!!! The Zigtechs absorbs shock from the ground when you're walking or running and they help to tone your muscles.  

These Reebok Easytone Go Outside are black, with a touch of pink which means they meet all my requirements....cute and simple. 
(Retail Value: $79.99)

These Reebok Zigtech Zig Pulse are nice too, I love the red zig zag bottom...they look really cool
(Retail Value: $99.98)

Death to the Beards....


Can we please have a moment of silence to this trend that is becoming a stigma on sidelines everywhere? I don't know who to blame for this, but these beards are killing me (I'm a clean face type of chick). There is nothing more sexy than a man with a clean shave, so "The Sports Fashionista" would like to take a moment of your time and say BON VOYAGE to the beard.... 
I pray that this is my last time having to deal with this subject 

David!!!! You are too tasty for this nonsense...

Braylon!!! This does not look sanitary...I can't!!!

Pau you look like a wildebeest (Google it) LOL!!!

Kimbo Slice...No comment...Ain't no telling what you would look like without it, lol!!!

Johnny, your face says it all...It itches and you need to 
Shave it!!!!

Skinner!!! There is NOTHING cute about this....Where is the woman in your life? You definitely need some guidance boo....SMH!!!

I need everyone to invest in "The Art Of Shaving" with this the world would be a better place...taking one shave at a time. 

***I approved this message***

Tune in next time where we will bid sayonara to "The Mohawk"....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daily Tidbits...

Romo’s injury:
After having a CT scan Tuesday morning Cowboys’ QB Tony Romo will miss 6-8 weeks after breaking his collarbone in their Monday night matchup against the New York Giants. It is possible that he may miss the rest of the of the season because he is most likely to miss the latter (8wks) and with ten weeks left, we might as well count him as done along with the Cowboys. Backup QB Jon Kitna is now the big man down in the Big “D”!!!! <---- in my sarcastic voice, lol!!!!
Pacman out (insert sad face):
I hate to report this but Cincinnati Bengals DB Adam “Pacman” Jones is out for the remainder of the season. The Bengals have placed Jones on injury reserve with a herniated disc in his neck. Jones injured his neck in the second half of Cincy’s lost to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, which was his first start of the season. Jones is use to overcoming adversity so I’m sure he will bounce back...Get Well Soon Pacman!!!! 
Blackmon arrested:
Oklahoma State star wide receiver, Justin Blackmon, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in Carrollton, Texas early Tuesday morning. Blackmon was in town for the Cowboys Monday night game vs the Giants, to check out his former teammate Dez Bryant. He was pulled over after the officer clocked him at 92 mph in a 60 (insert dumbfounded face), the officer smelled alcohol in the car and administered a test (by the way Blackmon is NOT 21, but that’s neither here nor there). Blackmon posted a $375 bond and was released. ***Checking my family tree to see if he’s any kin to me, so I can slap him across his face***
Hall headed to the HOF:
Not so fast, he’s not getting inducted just yet, but his game jersey is getting sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame after his awesome performance on Sunday. Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall picked Bears QB Jay Cutler off four times, yes FOUR, which tied the NFL record of four interceptions in a single game. Hall is the 19th player to have four INTs in a game and the first to do it since Deltha O’Neal did it to the Broncos in 2001. Congratulations DeAngelo, you are now a part of history!!!! Woot Woot!!!!
Childress fined:
Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress will learn to keep his mouth shut after being hit over the head by the NFL today. The league fined Childress $35,000 for criticizing the game officials after their Sunday night lost to Green Bay. Childress has enough on his plate with Favre being injured and all, now this Christmas won’t be as Merry since the NFL just tapped into his Christmas Club account, lol.  

My Shoes of the Day....

Love Love Love!!!! These leopard platform pumps by Prada are, and I need them in my life.
(Retail Value: $990)

Dsquared2 is making some hot sneakers this season and I love the purple (pop of color), khaki, and black in these. You will definitely be a tasty treat in these kicks.
(Retail Value: $595)

Where Amazing Happens....

My second favorite sport is making a return tonight. Woot Woot!!!! 
The highly anticipated NBA season is BACK.... I was suppose to have my 2010 NBA predictions up and ready but it isn't quite ready, I will try to have it done by tomorrow. 
So until then let's deal with tonight's matchups...

Game of the night....We finally get to see the Big Three down in Miami (James, Bosh and Wade) since we've already predicted that they're going to "The Ship". They will travel up to Boston to take on the Original Big Three (Garnett, Pierce, and Allen) plus one, Shaquille O'Neal. This will be a good coming out party for both teams. Let's see who should I pick ***thinking*** I'm liking the Heat this year, so the HEAT it is....

This will be our first time seeing the Phoenix Suns without their star F/C Amare Stoudemire who "took his talents" (oh how I love this phrase) to New York.  But the backcourt is still solid with Nash, Hill and Richardson. They are also expecting a lot from Channing Frye who showed up in last year's playoffs. The injury prone Trailblazers who lost both big men (Oden and Pryzbilla) last year still has their double threat in Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge. The absence of the big man presence is a little shaky for both teams, but I'm going with the Suns in this one.

I hate the Lakers and I love my this one is easy....Let's go Rockets, kill their ring ceremony!!!! Enough said : ) 

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust....

Never in a thousands years did I think that Dallas would have the showing that they had yesterday on Monday Night Football. They started the game with two interceptions that turned into points. Now I can't credit the Cowboys defense for the INTs because they were both tipped by Giants players. The Giants came back and scored on a pass to Hakeem Nicks and the score was 10-7. This score was very pivotal in the game because this is the last time that the Cowboys were leading and their Pro Bowl quarterback was under center. 

With 12:07 left to play in the second quarter and completing a pass to Miles Austin, Romo was slammed down to the field by Giants LB Michael Boley on a blitz. All you could see was Romo's shoulder hitting the ground and it didn't look good. Romo laid on the field for a few moments before being taken to the locker room for further review and it was determined that he had a fractured clavicle (broken collarbone). 

"I just couldn't move without it really being painful in the shoulder," Romo said. "I was just having a hard time just breathing. ... At a certain point you're like, OK, then something is wrong -- I just know I'm not myself. It's disappointing when you're in that situation."
The game was pretty much over after this, when the Giants went on a 31-10 run to take a 38-20 lead going into the fourth. The guys tried to come back with Kitna (Romo's replacement) and the kid, Dez Bryant had a great showing in the lost. The rookie wide out didn't let up, but it wasn't enough as they fell 41-35 and chalked up another lost....1-5 Tsk Tsk!!!!!

The image of Romo on the sideline with a sling, stuck with me after the game because his return isn't looking good. Romo could possibly be out for a couple of weeks or the season and the Cowboys schedule isn't getting any easier. I hate to be negative but this may be it for the Cowboys season. 
R.I.P. Dallas Cowboys 2009-2010 season 
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